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Poet's Spotlight Archive: Index of Honorees: 2006-2008

As current or previous residents of the Commonwealth, these writers represent our state's diverse poetic voices.

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August 2006:  Joanne Scott Kennedy
September 2006:  Hollis E. Pruitt
October 2006:  Br. Rick Wilson
November 2006:  Jennifer James LeRoy
December 2006:  Elizabeth Hadaway
January 2007:  Luisa A. Igloria and her student, Natalie Diaz
February 2007:  Myrna Amelia Mesa
March 2007:  Jim Peterson
April 2007:  M. Lee Alexander and her student, Lindsay Gibson
May 2007:  Peter Klappert and his student, Bianca Diaz
June 2007:  Edward W. Lull
July 2007:  Virginia O'Keefe
August 2007:  Elizabeth Urquhart
September 2007:  Rei Berroa
October 2007:  Laura-Gray Street
November 2007:  Ron Smith
December 2007:  Jane Ellen Glasser
January 2008:  Cathryn Hankla
February 2008:  Robert P. Arthur
March 2008:  Patsy Anne Bickerstaff
April 2008: Claudia Emerson
May 2008:  Jon Pineda
June 2008:  Henry Hart


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