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Carolyn with her Paintings

Artist's Message

      As an artist, I delight in experimentation.  Currently, I am working as an abstract colorist painter.  I have been greatly influenced by the non-representational art of Jackson Pollack. I pour paints onto the surface of the canvas and determine how to manipulate the work-in-progress by exploring the possibilities from all angles.  Sometimes I rely on textured paints to achieve a sculptural quality; sometimes I prepare cut-outs to adhere to a second canvas for a representational effect.  Unlike Pollack, I use brushes and other utensils to manipulate the paints—all the while determining my next step by evaluating the emerging color effects and their ultimate potential to speak emotionally to a viewer.  In the studio I proceed intuitively with the goal of discovering new ways to allow color and design to speak lyrically to audiences.

“Painting and sculpting have taught me how to look, not simply with the eyes, but with the heart. . . . Painting has taught me how to tune out the chatty, judgmental side of my being.  I attribute this to the fact that I’m an abstract and non-objective painter who must rely heavily on the imagination.  Since my imagination follows no rules, I’m less inclined to judge what I produce until I’m nearly finished.”

-- Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, Quoted in an interview with Doris Gwaltney, Voyager, Vol. II, No. 3, September 1989, pp. 1-2.


 “She uses her paintings and sculptures as part of her lessons because they are abstract and this allows her pupils to react to them in different ways.  Her students have named her sculptures—“Daddy Sax,” “Patrick Ewing,” “Maria” with a spinning wheel, “Yuri” who dances.  Her abstract paintings take students’ minds into creative modes.”

-- From: Genie Nolan, “Profile: Carolyn Kreiter-Kurylo, Artist,” Tempo 1988, xii.


“She has an incredibly broad base of knowledge. I remember going through the art museums in France with her, and she was so insightful in her descriptions of the paintings. She’s just a really good person who’s a free spirit.”

-- Faye Bousel, International Baccalaureate Coordinator, Robinson Secondary, Fairfax County Public Schools


Tropical Flair

Acrylic cut-outs on canvas (18" by 36")

Hummingbirds Migrating

Acrylic cut-outs on canvas (15" by 30")

Big Bang

Acrylic on canvas (18" by 24")

Carmelita's Dress

Acrylic on canvas (24" by 36")

Cave Painting

Acrylic cut-outs on canvas (16" by 20")

Condor over the Andes

Acrylic cut-outs on canvas (18" by 36")

Earth Fire

Acrylic on canvas (36" by 36")

Flowering Crimson and Gold

Acrylic on canvas (24" by 36")

Flowers and Wine

Acrylic cut-outs on canvas (36" by 36")

Orchid, Lift Your Spirit to the Sun

Acrylic on canvas (36" by 36")

River Country

Acrylic on canvas (24" by 36")

Sacrificial Fox

Acrylic on canvas (24" by 48")


Acrylic on canvas (18" by 24")

Sea Light

Acrylic on canvas (16" by 20")

Still Life with Crimson and Yellow

Acrylic on canvas (14" by 18")

Still Life with Green Pepper

Oil on canvas --- (12" by 16")

Tribal Headdress

Acrylic on canvas (15" by 20")

Dragon in Flight

Acrylic on canvas (30" by 30")


(Photos of art by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda)


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