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Gathering Light


Northampton House Press Releases:

Gathering Light


by Poet and Artist, Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda


Available on Nook, Kobo, and Kindle for $5.99



From Bolivia to Kenya to Perú; from Kilimanjaro to suburbia to Machu Picchu, nothing and no one escapes the powerful word-sculpturing of Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda in Gathering Light:  a child begging for a pen to use in school in Puca Pucara, Vincent Van Gogh making the miracle of turning a branch into a shepherd, Georgia O’Keeffe reminding us that to be able to see, like making a friend, takes time.  There is so much silence in these poems, and yet every line has a voice of its own which Carolyn turns into color, song, dance, or smile.  After turning the last page of this magic text, the reader feels like bringing his own aged word, naked eye, and wide-open ear and read aloud all over again this fascinating feast for the senses.

                                                                                    —Rei Berroa, George Mason University


The poet has an almost magical ability to become fully immersed in another artist’s personal vision, transforming distant fragments of art history into moments of intense awareness.

                                                                                    —Donna McKee, Artist and Museum Educator


I can think of no better sanctuary lamp than these faithful and inviting poems.

                                                                                    —Br. Rick Wilson, T.O.R. Franciscan


When it comes to poetry, she is the picture of passion.

—Bill Lohmann, The Richmond Times-Dispatch


Her sun-drenched home is filled with artwork, much of it hers, some of artists she admires—and scattered throughout are little paper mache and wire sculptures that she made.

—Sondra Woodward, VFH Radio Interview


These poems are sharply observed, each word and image doing its duty to each line and stanza, a verbal gift that calls to mind the fastidious Elizabeth Bishop.

—Edward C. Lynskey

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