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Death Comes Riding

TITLE: Death Comes Riding. Paperback.
AUTHOR: Kreiter-Foronda, Carolyn K.
PRICE: $10.00


DESCRIPTION: "This collection offers a new perspective on spiritual growth. Set against a background of death, history and myth, the poems range from free verse to dramatic monologues and sonnets. As in her previous books, the formal verse is written so skillfully that the subtle rhyme schemes elude us.

In the first section of Death Comes Riding, Foronda welcomes readers to the enchanting world that opened up to her after she confronted death while still in her teens. She then explores lessons learned from a diverse cast of characters, contemporary and historical, some precariously close to death, others speaking from the grave.

The book's final poem take us to the ethereal Andes and the gem-laden hills of Brazil, which hold the key to the author's quest.


"Among Cedars"

©1997 by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda

a flute maker whittles.
Thick red slivers fall,
their scent so powerful
Iím again a young girl
opening the familyís wooden
chest to savor a fragrance
that does not die out--
like the breath of the carverís
new flute becoming canyon
wind, rain burrowing
into cornís soil, flood water
paving rainbowís way.
The rough-hewn cedar
sings, and I take this
as witness of ancestral
presence, for I have come
to this grove to ask
my parents, long dead,
for a sign, that was here
all along in the stir of night.

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