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Book Order Form - Complete, Print from browser and enclose with check. Mail to: Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda, P.O. Box 90, Hardyville, VA 23070

Person placing order:            

Ship Order To:                       

Address Line 1:                     

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City, State  Zip:                      

 E-Mail Address (if any):  

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Enter to the right of one or more book titles below, the # of copies that you wish to order. 

 Contrary Visions ------- # of copies =    x ($12 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)          SOLD OUT       

 The Embrace ------------ # of copies =    x ($14.99 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)      

 Death Comes Riding -- # of copies =    x ($10 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)              

 Greatest Hits ----------- # of copies =     x ($8.95 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)       SOLD OUT         

 In A Certain Place ----- # of copies =     x ($12 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)          SOLD OUT 

River Country ---------- # of copies   x ($14.99 + 2.50 each for tax, S&H)      

  Total Amount of Payment enclosed with this order = $ 

If you would like a message inscribed (all books ordered using this form are signed by Carolyn), PRINT clearly the inscription message on the back of this order form (great for gifts). If ordering more than one book, be sure to note the title of the book and to whom the inscription should be addressed. --- NOTE: Click here to order "Four Poets Laureate: A Teaching Guide." from the Poetry Society of Virginia/s website.